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Francesco Sandrelli

Via Lauretana 1

52044 Camucia


+39.3 35 75 60 31 28

Arte come trascendenza, arte come ecologia della mente. Per me l’ arte ha una funzione di favorire un

ecologia della mente e non di trasmettere ideologie.

Gerd Scheuerer (gerSCh*)

Breisacher Straße 16

81667 München


+49.1 52 21 62 18 64;

Anne Schlueter

22915 Cass Avenue

Woodland Hills, California 91364


+1.81 84 48 85 55

e natural wonders and extraordinary elements of this grand planet inspire me to rise each morning, seek

adventure, and make photographs. I digitally process the images I capture to share the experience of seeing

the world through one’s heart. Juried art exhibitions and publications of my work include the “Worldwide

Art LA International Art Fair” in Los Angeles, the “International Art Festival” in New York, and the

book “International Masters of Photography/2”. I was born, raised, and educated in South Dakota before

heading west. I live and work in California. A more extensive collection of my work may be enjoyed at


Stephan Schoeppler

957 Emerald Bay Dr

Destin, Florida 32541


+1.85 06 85 21 12

Studied at Düsseldorfer Kunst Akademie in early 70’s; worked as architectural designer for around 40

years; in my age I have found my way back into the arts; expressing myself with the eedom of having the

privilege to do this, life is an experiment as is art, we hope we can succeed