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Wei Xiong

441 Reposado Drive

La Habra Heights, CA 90631


+86.1 39 81 85 70 44

Inspired by Zen, ancient Chinese and western philosophy, poetry, and minimalism, my thought of art is

always lingering on the spirituality in today’s post-modern. Do we need it? And how to approach, get …

Franz Josef Zacher

Kopfsbergerstraße 6

94547 Iggensbach


+49.99 03 15 47

Ruhelos und unermüdlich suche ich meine Motive in der Natur und aus dem Leben. Geprägt vom Zwie-

spalt zwischen Demut und Wut, wie mit der Natur umgegangen wird. Genauso sehen meine Bilder aus.

Mal positiv, mal negativ, aber immer im Konsens mit der Natur und deren Entwicklung.

Nan Zhang

820 Clive Court, Maida Vale

London W9 1SG


+44.20 72 89 60 87

A medical school graduate, Nan discovered her passion for arts and cultivated her talent for painting par-

ticularly expressing her love of travel and nature. She has traveled around the world and has painted a

wide variety of di erent scenes om Asia, Europe, A ica, South America and Antarctica as well as classic

Daoism nature scenes.

Acrylic and ink landscapes are inspired by Chinese painting and meditation Nan practiced daily.

Xiaojun Zhao

Davina House, 59a Fordwych Road

London NW2 3TW


+44.79 17 40 42 86

Art is a kind of communication between artists and viewers. How does it take place depends on the both

sides. Do artists have anything to say or viewers have anything to discover? If we don’t challenge our attitude

towards arts, either we fool ourselves or we will be fooled.